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Chris Elkins Body Transformation


Dragos Syko Body Transformation


Jeremy Buendía Fitness Evolution

A five-month body transformation, really? Could you do the same? 

Jo Lindner Fitness Model - Your Opinion

If you had to give a score of one to ten about  Jo Lindner's body, what would it be?

Massive Arnold Schwarzenegger 1971


Top 4 - 2019 - Mr Olympia Final - Best Bodybuilders

Chopan, Bonac, Curry or Winklaar?  Who was your favorite among this top 4 of Mr. Olympia 2019 constest ?

Who is your Favorite Mr Olympia of all the time ?

The 55th edition of Mr. Olympia has dedicated this year Brandon Curry as the best bodybuilder. Since the bodybuilding competition started in 1965, there have been 15, Mr. Olympia, some of them winning eight or seven times (Lee Haney, Ronnie Colman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath...)

Among all these great champions, which one is your favorite bodybuilder?


Jeff Seid - Fitness Model - Body Shape - September 2019

In shape, no ?

Instagram: @Jeff_seid

Uzoma Obilor Body and Physic - Your Opinion ?

Uzoma Obilor is one of the most prominent fitness models on social networks. With his 5'6" inches and 186lbs these wide shoulders, and his big legs, he has been training for ten years now. In 2016, he finished second in the ranking at NPC Nationals (Men's Classic Physic). He is now an IFBB Pro athlete. 

So what do you think of body? Inspiring?

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