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Evan Centopani videos compilation

A mix of several videos of Evan Centopani bodybuilder

In 2005:

Ronnie Coleman Atlantic States 09

Jon Delarosa - 24 Hours with MD

Watch this video of Jon Delarosa the 2009 NPC Nationals Jr Overall winner

NPC Junior Nationals 2009 Results

Jonathan Delarosa is the 2009 overall winner of NPC Nationals bodybuilding and 1st in Light Heavyweight.

Muscle bodybuilders Massive Leg Squats exercice

Matt and Keving, 2 brothers, demonstrate how they do squats and spot one another while carrying up to 350lbs. They dont like to go heavier as its easy to get hurt doing this exercise. Squats are great for building big muscle legs.

Bodybuilders compilation

A mix of the best bodybuilders; great!

Jay Cutler Chest worskout

Jay Cutler in june 2009

New York Pro 2009 PreJudging

Mr Olympia 2009 Jay and Dexter?

Mr Olympia 2009 will be held on Vegas from the 24th spetember to the 27th sept 2009. Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson(2008 Mr Olympia) will they be the 2 last finalists?

Arnold Classic 2009 Selection

Remember it was on march at the Arnold Classic, Kai Greene won the competition. Martinez placed second and Warren third. Those 3 men will be at Mr Olympia in september, maybe the next one?

Bodybuilding road to Mister Olympia 2009

The 27th september 2009 we'll know who be the 2009 Mr Olympia. This the list of all the men qualified for the competition. Who is the next?

Alves, Troy USA

Anthony, Melvin USA

Centopani, Evan USA

Charles, Darrem Trinidad

Cutler, Jay USA

Elmoussawi, Moe New Zealand

Freeman, Toney USA

Greene, Kai USA

Haidar, Ahmad Lebanon

Heath, Phil USA

Jackson, Dexter USA

James, Dennis Germany

Kefalianos, Michael Australia

Kjellstrom, Martin Sweden

Martinez, Victor Dominican Republic

Rockel, Ronny Germany

Ruhl, Markus Germany

Samuel, Silvio Spain

Warren, Branch USA

Wolf, Dennis Germany

Yamagishi, Hidetada  Japan

Markus Rühl Posing New York Pro Show 2009

On 16 may 2009. Markus Ruhl finished 3rd

Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy biceps curls

Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy does one arm standing biceps curls.

Bodybuilder Ransford Jackson (RJ) posing

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brandon Curry backstage

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brandon Curry getting ready to go on-stage as the featured guest poser at the 2009 NPC Oklahoma bodybuilding championships May 30 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Muscle Exercices Shoulders

A choice of exercices for training your shoulders

Bodybuilding Supplemets: No-xplode good for me?

In the diffiult world of supplement what about No-xplode? Is it good for me? this video helps you to meke your choice?

Personal Trainer Anthony

Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder Anthony Auditions Anthony, a top trainer at the 19th Street gym, auditions to be one of the on- camera trainers for our fitness model workout series. He got the job and appears with top fitness models Robert Amstler and Julian Fantechi.

NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic 2008

It's was on 2008, Do you recognize the bodybuilders on the video?

Bodybuilding supplements: Real Mass from Gaspari

This is the rest of the post

Bodybuilder Jonathan DelaRosa Atlantic States NPC 2009


IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson workout

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson gets in a back workout about 20 minutes after deadlifting 765 pounds for two reps in a previous clip. Johnnie competes as both a powerlifter and a bodybuilder.

Victor Martinez bodybuilding champion

Victor Martinez Winner of the Arnold 2007 130,000 dollar first prize

Victor Martinez and Kai Greene Train Arms Part 3

Edwar Nunn National NPC 2008

National NPC 2008 overall winner HEavy Weight

Ronnie Coleman video compilation

A good video compliation of 8 times Mr Olympia bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman.

Pro Bodybuilders Backstage at the 2008 IFBB Europa: 2 DVDs

IFBB CAC Bodybuilding: Bodybuilder Nardo Dean

Bodybuilder Nardo Dean pumps and poses backstage at the 2008 IFBB Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships held Sept. 26-27, 2008, in Nassau, Bahamas. Dean, a veteran bodybuilder with numerous titles to his credit, placed second in his class at the competition.

2008 IFBB Tampa Bay Pro Bodybuilding Clip 01