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Zoltan Toth Biceps Workout

Zoltan Toth working biceps. Uses good form and has great physique

Arnold Classic 2007 bodybuilders backstage

Arnold Classic 2007 bodybuilders backstage

jay cutler back pt 1

Later, Jay goes back to East Gold's gym, where he drinks a Nitro Tech Shake. He then hits the cardio bike for a session of cardio - his reported body weight is 270 pounds. He then gets right into his back workout: * Long Bar Lat Pulldowns (four sets). * Machine Single Arm Rows with straps (four reps with up to 205 each side). * Incline Dumbbell Rows (three sets). * Triangle Bar Lat Pulldowns (two sets). * T-Bar Rows (three sets). * Dumbbell Shrugs (five reps). * Deadlifts - 225 pounds, 315X2 sets. * Cable Rows (three sets).

Sergey Shelestov


Ronnie Coleman yeah buddy, light weight baby

compilation of scenes from ronnie's dvd "The Cost of Redemption

Best of Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler interviews Desmond Miller - 2006 Nationals Over

Flex Wheeler interviews Desmond Miller Saturday morning before his Nationals Overall Win.

Flex gets down and dirty with Desmond with some hard questions and a bit of gratuitous posing. You hve to check out the detail Desmond is holding before that evening's finals

Guest appearances by JM Manion, Heinz Senior of Iron People Gym and Dave Palumbo.

Dave interviews Desmond for a bit at People's Gym in between photo shoots with Per Bernal.

Evan Centopani at 2006 Nationals

Evan Centopani 5 Days Out from the NPC Nationals

Ronnie Coleman